Thursday, 2 February 2012

REVIEW: Babyland Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper

I purchased several sets online from two different online stores.  What attract me to buy these diapers was because of its material - bamboo inner as well as bamboo outer (with PUL).  Seldom that you find a pocket cloth diaper which has Bamboo Cotton material as the outer.

My verdict:  

I am in loveee with the other material because it is less 'plasticky' compared to the normal PUL material.  This diaper is also trimmer compared to the normal Babyland diaper.  Elle was in the medium size for this diaper, compared to the normal babyland diaper - she's still in the small setting at 7++ kg.   

The inner bamboo charcoal fleece material has the same wicking property as the normal fleece (white) inner.. just that since the colour is darker, you're less likely to have obvious stains compared to the white fleece.  The manufacturer has also highlighted several benefits which comes with the charcoal bamboo fleece material. 

The inserts for this diapers are 5 layers, where 3 layers of microfibre fabric is sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo cotton.  Absorption wise.. well, in my opinion its is similar to the normal microfibre inserts, just that it is sligggtllyyy thicker because of the 2 layers of bamboo cotton.  But then again, you can also replace this with QQbaby's bamboo inserts which has superb absorbency!! :-) 

In summary:

1. Trim fitting - may fit newborn.
2. Bamboo Charcoal inner makes the inner part 'stain free'.
3. Cheap (Market price is RM 27 - RM30) ** Hmm.. maybe I should sell this in my blogshop  ... **lightbulb moment!! :-)
4. It has hip snap - yesss I'm a sucker for CDs with hipsnap!! :-)
5. The bamboo cotton material outer (with PUL) is a plusss!!! Uber comfortable for bubs! 

1. Colours are in solid colours only (and its not even pastel coloured.. huhu)- the ones with design does not have bamboo cotton outer.
2. I prefer suedecloth inner compared to fleece.. if it is made of bamboo charcoal suede it'd be better (at least for me)
3. Absorption of the inserts are not as superb as QQbaby's bamboo inserts. 

uhh.. there are more pros than conssss.. now, go get yourself some Babyland Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diapers!! :-)

Purplish Flower Mommy.


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