Saturday, 28 January 2012

Review: QQ Baby Bamboo Minky Cloth Diapers:

QQ Bamboo Minky
1.  It’s trimmer (I guess it is because of the bamboo + polyester inner). 
2.  The Inner material (bamboo + polyester) wicks moisture faster compared to fleece type.
4.  The bamboo inserts are SUPER ABSORBANT! My daughter will use the CDs paired with 2 bamboo inserts and this will last her the whole night!! No leakages – unless its worn wrongly.  You may need to really ensure that its properly fitted on your baby, make sure that none of the inner material are showing – otherwise the pee will wick to your baby clothing!
5. I’m a sucker for the extra hip snaps.   From my own personal experience, the extra hip snaps make huge lot of difference to the functionality of CDs.  It helps in reducing the wing droop problem as well as leakages and accidents.  But I also do acknowledge that there are other CD brands out there that works great even without the hipsnaps :-).
6. Price wise,  cheap for a bamboo material CD!
7. Cute design is a plus too!! 

 QQ Minky – Suedecloth Inner
1.  Trimmer compared to microfleece inner
2.  Price is quite cheap for a minky fabric and suede cloth inner!
3.  Suede cloth's wicking ability is better compared to fleece material (for my baby at least)
4.  Suede cloth also stay looking new even after many2 washes.    
5. Cute Designs available!!  Even the plain colours are just adorable and of course cheap and affordable!!

Please don’t get me wrong.  I not saying the suede is wayyy better compared to fleece material.  This review is based on my personal experience with cloth diapering my baby daughter.  Some of my customers claim that they are in love with fleece better and their darling children are more comfortable with Fleece compared to other material. 

Lessons learnt from this is, before you buy a whole truckload of cds, do buy a few to test first. Incase your darling children are fine with fleece/suede, then you should be celebrating as CDs of these type of inners are normally cheaper compared to those with organic material such as bamboo.. J


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